The Possibilities Are Endless

  • Support your local sports teams
  • Personalize items
  • Advertise your organization
  • Market your business
  • Gifts
  • Fundraisers

We use high quality items from:

  • Nike
  • Addidas
  • Champion
  • Columbia
  • Gildan
  • Bella

We use a variety of companies to purchase our products for embroidery.

All have their product catalogs on their websites for you to find that perfect item.

Artwork, Digitizing and Set-Up

Please provide us with the best possible source of your artwork. It is important to remember the better the source, the better the end result.

Digital artwork is the best method for us to have a quick and high quality completion.

Digitizing is the process of converting your artwork into a computer format used by the embroidery machine.

There is a one-time fee to digitize your design/logo. The cost for digitation varies and is based on stitch count of the design/logo. Once your design/logo is digitized it can be embroidered repeatedly in various sizes at no additional cost for digitation. If you already have a digitized design/logo please email it to us, or, we will ask during the quote request process.


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